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I have been invited to participate in the workshop "Combat to Civilian"!

This workshop is for Veterans and Spouses from around the U.S. and will be held in Angel Fire New Mexico, run by Dr. Michael Wagner. Dr. Wagner is familiar with EFT, but has not had the opportunity to include it in his practice.  He has been doing workshops and private counseling for Veterans for many years. 

Angel Fire Memorial

He has not only invited me to come and run the facilitated learning sessions each morning, along with private sessions for couples, he enthusiastically welcomed me to use my program developed here in Maine with EFT.

Dr. Wagner is also is willing for me to collect data for research.

Dawson Church has already committed to work with me on this project to have it qualified as a qualified "Research Project".

The workshop will be closely monitored and evaluated in order to get Legislation to deem Angel Fire New Mexico as a Veteran friendly town. 

The workshop will start on October 2nd, and end on October 9th. 

Since there is no funding available (as they have already spent their budget) I need to raise approximately $1500 to fund this trip.

Approximately $1000 would be for airfare alone.

I was told that people may be willing to donate their airmiles to cover the Airfare. If you would be willing to donate airmile please contact me at:


If you would be willing to make a cash donation, you can use the PayPal Button below.


For every person who makes a donation I will give you a Free Download of my new Imagine 101 Guided Meditation CD - see details here


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